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*Certified Educator of Infant Massage - Ashland OR    

                                                                                    Early discount 3 wks prior is $ 650.00*

Infant Massage USA  (56 CEU's) NCBTMB and RN, SW, OT and other CEs

The International Association of Infant Massage certifies you to TEACH parents how to massage their babies for confident bonding, attachment and communication, complete health and happiness!

Class is open to anyone over age 18 and all social and medical agencies - IAIM International certifies you to teach in over 70 countries!

Pre-Registration required, includes text, manual and compendium, and 1yr USA Chapter membership.  Exam/study open book take home with practicum required. 

CEU's are 56 total = 28 classroom & 28 study/exam  AND Includes the 4 hr ETHICS - OR SBMT requirement

This course typically runs Friday thru Monday 9am to 5pm.

Check the calendar for upcoming courses and locations throughout the country (see

*Pricing listed is discounted for early registration.

Registration less than 3 weeks before the start of class will be $675.*

​​*Cancellation Policy: Refunds are given only by written request within 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the first day of class. Emergencies after the 2 weeks (14 days) prior to class will be considered with proof on a case by case basis for only a possible funds transfer to another FMEC class at the discretion of the FMEC director. 

Only one missed class of a purchased series may be made up by registering for the last class of another of the same series at no charge. 

*CICM - Certified Instructor of Couples Massage    Early discount 3 wks prior is  $ 425.00*

For licensed touch professionals, three-day teacher's training:

Learn to teach Couples/Partners, Singles massage classes for all adult ages and Pregnant Partners massage classes.  You will be able to teach basic massage techniques and routines for adults from the public and your clients.
Learn to teach the public for a lifetime of doing massage for the public's home use and build clients who know massage and know when they need Massage Therapy!
29 CE Hrs. (21 hrs. + 8 out of classroom) for LMTs AND includes 4 hour ETHICS requirement in OR 

*Pricing listed is discounted for early registration:
Registration less than 3 weeks before the start of class will be $450.

Pre to Postnatal Massage Training - Ashland OR     Early discount 3 wks prior is $ 650.00*

The most complete course for LMTs, Doulas, Midwives, RNs   
All of the valuable techniques for pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum includes special situations and pregnancy massage marketing plans.
We will utilize positioning and cushions for support. Learn methods to support family participation in care giving!     

  • technique, special situations, aromatherapy, labor, postpartum  
  • positioning, cushions, individual concerns, family / partner instruction, "learn to teach".     

*Pricing listed is discounted for early registration: Late registration less than 3 wks prior to class is $675.
We provide practicum hours with pregnant women during the training.    

36 CE Credits (28 in class and 8 out of class) for LMTs  AND includes 4 hour ETHICS requirement in OR 
Course will be held Friday thru Monday  9am – 5pm.

*All Asian and Acupressure courses (see below) with Luca Moschini - Ashland OR    

                                                           Price per course - Early discount 3 wks prior is $ 399.00*

Dashen Therapy Level 1:

Acupressure & the 12 Rulers of the Kingdom - 25 hour
Four Pillars of Assessment - 25 hour
Acupressure & The Eight Extraordinary Vessels - 25 hour
The Living Entities of Acupressure Points - 25 hour

Level 2:

TuiNa: The Bodywork Method of Ancient China - 25 hour
TuiNa 2: Advanced Course - 25 hour
Sinews Channels: The Energetic Map of Human Anatomy - 25 hour

Level 3:​

Five Element Acupressure - 25 hour
Five Element Constitutional Assessment - 25 hour
Energy Transfer & Blockages Identification -25 hour

Students will be engaged with hands on practice of 100 plus acupressure points that involve the twelve meridian pathways.  The physiology and psychology of these systems according to Chinese Medicine, will be vibrantly included. In addition, Qigong exercises that influence the circulation of Qi, will be practiced.
Many other factors that influence and restore health to the mind, body and spirit from the perspective of Chinese Medicine will be an added bonus.This very popular three day class, begins a three part Dashen® Therapy Level 1 series that shouldn't be missed.

*Pricing listed is discounted for early registration: 

Registration less than 3 weeks before the start of class will be $449.
Luca Moschini, Dipl. ABT, Founder  DASHEN® FOUNDATION
Asian Bodywork Therapy - see more at

*VITAFLEX 1 or 2  - Tibetan Massage    Early discount 3 wks prior is $ 260.00*

Learn the art of Tibetan Massage.

We begin with the oldest type of reflexology of the traditional finger curling/rolling method of Tibet. 

For the feet and hands (VITAFLEX 1) and the entire body (VITAFLEX 2) - these are each 2-day courses

Vitaflex means vitality through the reflexes as brought to America by Stanley Burroughs; trained by Tibetan monks from the 40's-80's.  

Older than acupuncture, VITAFLEX has similarities with reflexology, Thai massage, and Shiatsu, working over 5,000 reflex points.  It is effortless and stimulating for both the giver and receiver, and is perhaps the most relaxing and rejuvenating of all the ancient methods of bodywork!  Response is fast and effective as the body instantly begins healing processes.  

*Pricing listed is discounted for early registration:
Late registration less than 3 weeks before the start of class will be $285.*

For lay people and professionals. 14 CE hrs for each course for LMTs in OR and some other states

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